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People are always on the go. They need to digest information as quickly as possible. Using keywords, your customers can send you a quick text message so you can collect opt-in mobile numbers automatically. You can deliver your message to them in quick easy to read text messages. A single descriptive word, a mobile keyword allows you
to establish communication for offers and important information.

Promote your products, send useful information, send offers for slow days, and you'll be growing your subscriber database in no time.

Keywords will allow you to:
Add mobile voting to create a fun way to get your customers attention. Text to screen for your special events. Offer a fun and unique experience.
Setup custom additional fields to collect more than just phone numbers, such as email, name, city, month of birth. Then use this information to create a personalized experience for your customers.
Send automatic mobile coupons in response to opt-in messages, to reward your customers for their opt-in action. Remember, people always expect a reward for their action.
Set up follow-up text messages to be sent in minutes, hours, or days after someone joins your list.
Get email or SMS notifications when someone joins your list. Keep track of your campaigns and monitor effectiveness.
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